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Mihailoff V.

from me

Are you curious to learn who I am?

   When I am impelled to narrate about myself, I always want to decorate and to powder myself, to visit beauty salon and to make an operation for selective hewing of the past. But the memory is a very filthy thing and displays most often those facts, that are the most disgusting.
   I am an alcoholic. And it is a diagnosis, please, believe me, a correct one. But I am a non-active alcoholic, some kind of invalid alcoholic, who had voluntary deprived himself the pleasure to drink.
   Yes, I am an alcoholic anonymous, who had found an enjoyment and pleasure more essential than the artificial condition of euphoria after C2H5OH in absolutely sober life.
   How had it happened?
   ItТ s a very long story. First it was a sinking in alcoholic intoxication with binges, hangovers and poisonings, periodically treatments at different charlatans who pretended to be the doctors. And then came a sobriety when there was nothing of a human in my appearance, but I still had a slight glimmer of hope that everything might be УdifferentФ.
   Life belt with the name УAlcoholics AnonymousФ fell on me suddenly as they say Уfrom the skyФ, but awoke my interest. Everything that was happening after I have described in my poetry verses. It is a process of detoxication and liberation from slipknot called hard-drinking drunkard, bum and simply alcoholic.
   In brief about dreams and miracles: Dreams do come true and miracles do happen! The first miracle, that had struck me, was that I was born in one month after my parents had registered their marriage. And when I was asking them why it had happened like that, they were answering me: УIt was a very difficult period and everything ought to be done quicklyФ.
   Ц УAnd when was it an easy period in our country?Ф
   And what about miracles? I can collect about six or seven of them in my life it depends on my mood.
   I entered the University with the first attempt notwithstanding the competition, double graduates and lack of coaches and additional teachers.
   Meeting with the woman of my dreams, when she was young, beautiful, desired, but the most successfully Ц smart and intelligent. IsnТt it a miracle?
   Birth of children that I have two: girl and another one girl.
   Entrance to the University of my daughters was testing and miracle at the same time. It came over like that, they had chosen an occupation to their liking and now they feel free materially and mentally.
   Finding of sobriety, as I mentioned above, if someone remembers how difficult and with help of how many people the Уgood senseФ had been vainly hammering and impressing in me, was a miracle of miracles. 12 steps to sobriety is a road over the horizons of a traditional understanding, but the result is available now Ц the sobriety is a gift from havens, not made by hands miracle of God.
   I should better stop here not to overlook my miracles and dreams, which are expecting me ahead in my life.
   With the woman of my dreams IТm passing the fourth decade (40 years)! So everything is wonderful if someone has a sobriety and the Grater Power!
   The verses are the revelations of passed feelings and emotions, learning of love as eternal, everlasting and absolute category. I offer them to you as a gift. If you want, please write your impressions. IТll be glad to read any word and letter from you.

   With respect to all the readers
   Sincerely yours, Mikhailov!

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